Wes Nile (lifeloveregret) wrote in thrashvillians,
Wes Nile

Want to start a band???

I realize the chances of me finding any people who are interested or meet my "criteria" are slim to none, but oh well...

anyway, I have 10 or so years of experience in being in hardcore/punk bands. Mostly screaming/singing but I can get by playing bass (although I prefer to sing). I'm basically looking for some other dudes to play with. I write lyrics and I can also write music. I'm not looking to tour or get signed. I just want to have some fun, play a few shows, and maybe put out a demo or two.

I'm not too picky about what type of hardcore/punk I play as long as it's not "mosh metal" or "metalcore." Ideally I'd like to be in an early 80's hardcore or youth crew band, but I'm pretty cool about whatever.

I don't really care if you're straight edge or not, although I'm not interested in playing with anyone who's way into drugs or any excessive drinkers. I'd be into being in an all edge band, but I really don't care. I'm also pretty sure I couldn't play in a band with any conservative/republican or way religious dudes either as my lyrics wouldn't exactly go along with those type of values.

If this, for some odd reason, strikes your fancy email me... wesxrob@bellsouth.net


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